Prepare for your first meeting

The first meeting is effective in measuring the wavelength of understanding between the Client and the Adviser. This meeting could be spent discussing goals and expectations. To do this effectively it is advisable that the Client is prepared with facts and figures which could be shared with the Adviser prior to this meeting and/or during the meeting. With these details the Adviser will be able to define the scope of service and make disclosure with respect to compensation and/or any potential conflicts of interest.

How 29k can Help

We value the time of our Clients and our Advisers. Therefore to make the most of your complimentary first meeting, we recommend that you work on our on line financial questionnaire. In case you are not prepared to share your personal financial information just yet, you could work on an offline version of the questionnaire and keep it ready for reference.


Our Vision is to become a provider of superlative financial advisory services by redefining service delivery through constant innovation. We see ourselves hand holding our Clientele through their life stages enabling them to fulfill their dreams and achieve financial freedom.


Our Mission is to provide the ultimate in quality service to our clientele. We are committed to help our clientele achieve financial success through holistic advice and professional guidance. We strive to empower our clientele in making well informed decisions that are in consonance with their goals.

Online Advice

We value the essence of time. To many of our Clients and Advisers, time is of utmost value.We understand this and therefore have the Online Advice platform.



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