Financial Planning

Financial Planning is our core service offering and we recommend this service along with our Investment Management service to clients who have a long-term vision of building a robust net worth.

Recommended Relationship horizon – 5 years plus

Comprehensive financial planning can help

  • Analyze, appraise and document the current financial position.
  • Identify, estimate the value of core goals and the timeline for achieving those goals
  • Build a realistic and achievable projection of the future financial position
  • Suitably identify and address any gap in the present investment and risk management strategy

"We become what we repeatedly do" - Sean Covey

Creation of a Financial Plan in itself does not guarantee the end result. Client's commitment to implement the financial plan can decide the outcome of the financial planning exercise. Our ongoing Performance Review along with our annual Financial Analysis Review can help avoid potential gaps that occur due to change of circumstances or investment performance.

Investment Management

Investment Management can be opted as a stand alone service or in combination with our Financial Planning service.

Recommended Relationship horizon – 3 to 5 years

Investment Management can address

  • Effective distribution of assets between growth and non growth assets relative to the risk profile
  • Cost analysis and investment vehicle selection to match investment objective
  • Tax efficiency analysis to ensure pre and post tax benefits
  • Rebalancing between asset classes to optimize risk and return on investment

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." - Robert Arnott

Common investors choose investment vehicles based on their past experience and their individual comfort levels.

Defining an Investment Objective and choosing the right investment vehicles can prove vital in the investment management program.

We help design the investment management program after doing a risk assessment and running suitability tests.

Sudarshan Srinath

I would like to express my thanks for the work you have done for us over the past several years . Your services have been exceptionally professional. Your team has always been easily accessible and willing to go that extra mile to help their clients. It is refreshing to work with financial advisers who are truly interested in their client’s requirements and preferences. I greatly appreciate the fact that you are extremely open to newer ideas and constantly looking at providing better value added services to your clients.

Partner, ANTZ, Bangalore, India


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