Dr. Zubin Nalladaru,
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Dubai, UAE

I have had an awesome experience with 29k Investment Advisers. They have a professional and honest approach and suggest investments as per the client's risk appetite. My adviser has a thorough knowledge of the subject and always explains the rationale behind every investment. He is safe and does not take risky decisions. I feel that my money is secure with 29k. My portfolio has definitely grown through all the ups and downs of the financial markets. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with them. I would recommend 29k to everyone wanting to invest their money. Keep up the good work!

Gita Ram,
Managing Director - South, Omnicom Group, Bangalore, India

My relationship with this company began two years ago. I was referred to meet an adviser of 29k by a good friend. I was a novice – no skill or knowledge about wealth management and not easily trusting that someone could actually be interested in taking care of my money and making it grow! In the two years step-by-step my adviser has dealt with my questions patiently and I trust his advice completely today as I have only seen positive results from day one. My investments have increased over the years and today I have left it to 29k to make the decisions, as I know I am in safe hands.

Nandini Nair,
Entrepreneur, Bangalore, India

I bumped into my financial advisers at a friends' home some years ago. My friends introduced them to me as their wealth consultants. I took an instant liking to them and we became Facebook friends. But since I had no 'wealth' to speak of, there was not much further contact. Then one day I found at the end of the year I had a small amount of money left over. I spoke, very hesitantly to my adviser. He was extremely encouraging. Since then I started putting aside some money every month. 29kadvisers took charge and helped me grow that money. Also being a complete klutz with money 29k team is very patient with my lack of understanding and helps me with every aspect of money management, even in spheres that are not really their problem. I really appreciate the fact that while they have giant clients, they also have the time to personalize the way they handle my account. I wish them tremendous success and hope they grow in fame and fortune.

Sirisha Murthy,
Investor and Entrepreneur, Bangalore, India.

29k advisers....wow! They are a delight to be associated with. They are extremely good and competent in their profession, trust worthy and transparent in their work.
I have known Prashanth for nearly a decade as a financial adviser, I have been extremely comfortable following his advise every time.
He has up to date knowledge in his field, and is very concerned with his clients and so has the ability to interact with them with care and gives sound advise and helps us take a proper decision in our investments!
I trust 29k so much that, I can take their advise on life changing decisions too....

Dr. Ganeshakrishnan Iyer,
Consultant Cardiovascular Surgeon, Vikram Hospital, Bangalore, India

I have been associated with 29k team since 2007. At the outset I must say that the team is very professional in providing financial services. Financial planning is done based on personal needs. 
I am personally very satisfied with the response I get to my queries. My requests are promptly attended to. 
I have no hesitation in recommending this team for anyone who wishes to all real financial advisory services. 

Prasanna Radhakrishna,
Entrepreneur, Bangalore, India.

I have been associated with this firm for almost 4 years now and I must say I am very satisfied with my financial foundation, its growth pattern/potential and the professional advice that I receive. One of the best part about this relationship is that I get to make the final decision of whether to go for a product/scheme instead of the adviser making the final decision for me. Risk is always associated with any financial investments, but a step by step approach and a clear understanding of the financial product and how the same may be applicable to a particular investor, mitigates the uncertainty of the risk. This is where I believe my financial advisers play a very critical role. They enable me to make the right financial decision for my family, the future and myself.

Gaurav Jha,
Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle, Bangalore, India.

I have been associated with 29k for more than 2 years. They are thoroughly professional and provide detailed information, advice about investment to clients based on individual needs. I have been working with Mr. Ajeet Pandey as my investment advisor. He has great in-depth knowledge about all factors to consider before investment. His technique of explaining even the most difficult strategy is specially to be appreciated. With constant review and updated information about new products, he has kept me well-informed with various changes to be made in my portfolio. Only because of his advice and guidance I have developed the understanding and importance of systematic investments. If needed to put up efforts of my adviser in a word, I would say "excellent".

Sudarshan Srinath,
Partner, ANTZ, Bangalore, India.

I would like to express my thanks for the work you have done for us over the past several years . Your services have been exceptionally professional. Your team has always been easily accessible and willing to go that extra mile to help their clients. It is refreshing to work with financial advisers who are truly interested in their client’s requirements and preferences. I greatly appreciate the fact that you are extremely open to newer ideas and constantly looking at providing better value added services to your clients. I have been very happy in entrusting the difficult task of financial planning and management to your team which has helped me tremendously to focus on my work. Wishing you all the best.

Hardik Shah,
AVP- Business Intelligence and Analytics, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank,Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The most important part of financial advising is giving the right advice irrespective of whats' in there for the advisor. The second part being able to know the life goals and help the client to work towards them. 29K advisers have been very prudent and efficient on these aspects. Moreover, I just love to see my entire assets and liabilities together at one place and hence easily review it annually. It gives me an ability to track my objectives. I wish 29k advisers all the best.

Rahul Shah,
AVP- Customer Analytics, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank,Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Financial planning is not just investing money for future needs but to invest at the right time into the right investment instrument backed up with knowing the goal for which one saves.29k advisors is a perfect blend of helping you know what you need, how much would you need and where do you invest to achieve your goals.Wishing them the very best.

Tejesh Basavaraj,
Lead- Operations, TESCO HSC, Bangalore , India.

I have been associated with 29k Advisers for almost a year now, prior to this I never really thought of 'investing' money - it was all really a saving and did it very haphazardly. After my first chat with an adviser at 29k, I liked the approach of a long term planned investment and returns. Ever since I have always consulted them for advise and have never been disappointed. Advisers at 29k have made time to even meet me on Sundays and if required have come home to have a chat too! I really appreciate this commitment and professionalism. All the best.